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Construisez de véritable plateforme de production. Partagez-les avec vos étudiants. 


Design methodology


Learn from HE-Arc and transfer the values and goals of an "advanced technological solution for a responsible and highly productive manufacturing"


The teachers can

Work online

Working in the cloud avoids installation on computers. Moreover, the students can work from their own computers at home!

Simple access to the data

No need to create the same database with the teacher's data, over and over again. The students can just "pick up" their teacher's database from the platform!

Unlimited databases

Be aware that an education database is valid for 10 months. Teachers can recreate other ones, which will be again valid for 10 months from the date of creation.

Simple management and IoT

Manage different users (students) and databases (all unlimited) and the   IoTbox  from the teacher's  account.

How to Start?

When you choose to start a free trial, just make sure that the url (under the Company name) starts with the prefix "edu-" (ex: "").

Your database will last 10 months, as long as you:

  • Start the database name with "edu-"

  • Activate your database from the email sent to your inbox.

Already more than 300 teachers use Odoo!

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Odoo and Factory5

A lot of people are asking me "where should I start digitizing my factory?" I started eleven years ago with the solution from Odoo in Open Source. 

My first need was to invoice properly our client so we started with the app Accounting. Today we use almost every App available. 

At the same path that MECATIS was growing, it was easy to add new apps in relation to our new needs. 

We are developping in partnership with Odoo an IoT Box designed for the manufacturing world. SMEs need solutions to digitize their business and create their own production platform. 

Use a real ERP tool in your classroom.

The education platform is free for all teacher and education purposes.