IoT Box

Revolutionize the manufacturing processes

Connect your Machines

Pack IoT (Internet Of Things)

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IoT Box

Improved quality, Higher productivity

Time saving and ready to use


Simple connection via USB, HDMI, Bluetooth or WiFi, the box can connect to any devices


Perfect synchronization between the human and the machine. The software and the human improve the quality of the production.


It is now possible to control the operations and the machine with only one interface.

Time saving

The IoT Box allows you to reduce the errors due to manual reporting and offers a subsequent save in time.

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The multi-platform hardware solution for the manufacturing industrie

The Factory5 IoT Box is a small device that allows you to use any USB standard equipment on any operating system (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android). Not only it is simple to configure but it will reduce your costs.  You can link any equipment to any solution provided by Factory5.

Connect your devices to the Factory5 IoT Box. Connect the box to your local network and you're ready to go!

The IoT Box is based on the secured platform, open and comprised an hardware and an open source software.

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Easy setup

Connect the IoT Box and the devices you need to your database in no time, no technical knowledge needed.

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Fully Integrated

With the IoT Box, the devices are fully integrated to your existing business flows boosting your productivity.

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Standard Connections

Devices can be connected through Wifi, Bluetooth, USB or HDMI.

"Industrie 4.0" exclusivity

Factory5 and Odoo have undertaken the challenge of producing a real Industrie 4.0 solution for the manufacturing world. The solution, highly appreciated by the digital entrepreneurs is adapted by Factory5 for the complex and demanding manufacturing industry.

Our experience in the industrial world allws us to create and innovate with this IoT Box that really understand the needs of the market.


Increased productivity in four steps

Connect the IoT Box

Devices are found

Link the devices to your platform

Ready to use !

Flawless integration

Discover how the IoT Box can help you integrate the IoT Tools to your business flows

Revolutionize the manufacturing processes


Unleash your growth potential

Join us and move up a gear