Feed5 - Charger vos pièces

Your production is no longer interrupted. Adding the Stock5 to your Micro5 will improve the autonomy, make you reach a high productivity level and join the Smartfactory.

Outstanding communication with your Smartmachines

Stock5 is the ideal solution to improve the productivity of you machines. The "SCARA" robotic arm transfers the parts and tools between the different areas. 

Micro5 vue de haut avec séparation des zones de travail en schéma

Working area

This area is dedicated to the main function of the Smartmachine. This is where the semi-finished or raw material is manipulated regarding the function of the Smartmachine. 

Manual loading area

The operator sets the parts and tools in this area. It is ideal for the series changeover and is synonym of high flexibility thanks to the interaction with the human. 

Automatic loading area 

With Stock5, the manual loading of parts and tools is no longer necessary. This module helps your gain in productivity and autonomy while manufacturing a bigger serie. 

Every second counts!

 All operations are carried out in masked time in order to run the machine at full speed with as little interruption as possible.


Étapes et avantages de l'automation

Technical specifications

Designation Feed5
Parts dimension (WxDxH) 50x50x50 [mm] for Micro5 - 5 axis and 50x50x6 [mm] for Micro5 - 4 axis
Material  Brass, steel, gold, platinum, ...
Maximum size of the baskets 300x150 [mm]

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