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Measure management 

Connect, display and export easily all the datas coming from 1, 2 or 3 Sylvac tools, via bluetooth. 

SPC alarm management 

Configure warnings to garanty the quality directly via the App

Smart App

Sylvac BT Smart App, dedicated to Sylvac instruments and compatible with the IoT Box

Connected via USB or Bluetooth

Sylcom allows connecting all the Sylvac instruments either by USB or Bluetooth. his universal software can be used to display values in different modes, to upload part drawing in background, to show the tolerances status, to define measuring sequences and to export data to Excel or to third party softwares.

Logiciel sylvac pour connecter tous les instruments de la marque
Application gratuite Sylvac BT Smart App


This free app for smartphone and tablets is the tool dedicated for the bluetooth instruments. It was never as easy to connect, present, save and export the datas coming form 1, 2 or 3 Sylvac instruments. 

  • Available for Android, Apple and Windows

  • Compatible with all the bluetooth Sylvac instruments. 

  • No key needed

  • Broadcast up to 15m

  • Display and save the datas easily exportable to excel or in a PDF via the Cloud 

  • Available for free downloading in the Google Play Store, Apple Store or Windows Store