Micro5 - 4 axis milling

The proof that precision and rigidity does not lie in the weight nor size of the casing. This innovation paves the way to a real revolution in the production of microtecnical components. 


Spindle 60'000 rpm  
Very low measurement dispersion  
Ultra compact machine  
Very low degree of thermal influence 
Total weight of the axis base : 35 kg 


Repeatability 0.5 [µm] and precision target < 2 [µm]    
Flatness < 1 [µm] 
Straightness < 4 [µm] 
Parallelism < 3 [µm] 
Cylindricity < 3 [µm] 


Power consumption < 500 Watt 
Space saving 


Great efficiency/price ratio
Less consumption 
Less maintenance costs 
Less milling costs

Technical specifications

Manufacturing piece

Architecture 4 axis
Parts dimension 50x50x6 [mm]
Technology  HSM
Repeatability 0.5 [µm]
Precision target <2 [µm]

Linear axes

Advance speed 30 [m/min]
Acceleration  15 à 25 [m/s2]
XYZ route
78/56/50 [mm]
Moving masses
10 [kg]
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Rotary axis

B axis -20.5° à 200.5° / 400 [rpm] - 800-1000 [rad/s2]
Resolution  0.002°
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Voltage 230VAC / 50Hz
Installed capacity 10A
Tare weight
<500 kg options included
Pneumatic supply
6 bar
Dimensions Stand Alone (WxDxH)
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Ø Tools diameter max
3 [mm]
Rotation speed 60'000 [rpm]
Power 240 [W]
Cone ATC 15
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Cutting fluids

Micro-lubrication unilube < 3 [l/year]
Copious flow through 4 [l/min]
Sealing  IP55
Precious material recycling Target 99.7%
Oil mist suction
According to your habits
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Tool changer Type Scara - Tool magazine of 8 positions - extensible up to 24 positions
Part changer Type Scara - Palettization 1 palett or 1 part - extensible up to 4 paletts or 12 parts
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Workpiece control Touch probe (2 Sigma < 0.35 µm) on ATC15 cone 
Breakage tool detection BK Mikro with retractable shank
Basic fire detection Fondo Tube CO2 projection from 120°
Fire detection for titanium UV CO2 detector, adjustable activation
Precious material securement Trapped key system
Établi layette 3 tiroirs et support 2 écrans LxPxH1 (machine) xH2 (table)
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Ask for a quotation online for the base of the Micro5. Within 2 days you will receive your quotation where you can add all the desired customization. You will also get access to the Online Shop to acquire every consumables needed.