Micro5 - 4 axis milling

The result of a smart revolution whose exceptional technical performance is made possible by HSM (high-speed machining) technology. This innovation paves the way for a revolution in the production of microtechnical components.  

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Caractéristiques Techniques

Axes linéaires
Advance speed 30 [m/min]
Acceleration  15 à 25 [m/s2]
XYZ route
78/56/50 [mm]
Moving masses
10 [kg]
HSM High-speed machining
0.5 [µm]
Precision target
<2 [µm]
Axes linéaires de la Micro5 4 axe en schéma
Axes rotatifs
B axis -20.5° à 200.5° / 400 [rpm] - 800-1000 [rad/s2]
Resolution  0.002°
 Axes rotatifs de la Micro5 4 axes en schéma
Voltage 230VAC / 50Hz
Installed capacity 10A
Tare weight
550 kg
Pneumatic supply
6 bar
Dimensions Stand Alone (WxDxH)
Micro5 stand alone en schéma

Options to configure

Ø Tools diameter max
6 [mm]
Speed (options) 60'000 [rpm] (80'000 [rpm] - 28'000 [rpm])
Cone ATC 15
Broche de la Micro5 en schéma
Micro-lubrication unilube < 3 [l/year]
Copious flow through 4 [l/min]
Sealing  IP55
Precious material recycling Target 99.7%
Oil mist suction
Selon vos habitudes
Partie inférieure de la Micro5 ouverte en schéma
Tool changer Scara type - Tool magazine with 40 tools in machine zone extensible at ∞ with Stock5
Part changer Scara type - 8 pallet palletizing in machine area - expandable to ∞ with Stock5
Micro5 vue de haut avec les séparations des zones de travail en schéma
Et bien plus encore...
Workpiece control Touch probe (2 Sigma < 0.35 µm) on ATC15 cone 
Breakage tool detection BK Mikro with retractable shank
Basic fire detection Fondo Tube CO2 projection from 120°
Détection d'incendie pour titane  UV CO2 detector, adjustable activation
Precious material securement Trapped key system
3-drawer layette workbench WxDxH1 (machine) xH2 (table)
Micro5 avec son établi complet en schéma


Very low measurement dispersion
Ultra compact machine
Very Low degree of thermal influence
Total weight of the axis base : 35kg 


Repeatability 0.5 [µm] and precision target < 2 [µm]    
Flatness < 1 [µm] 
Straightness < 4 [µm] 
Parallelism < 3 [µm] 
Cylindricity < 3 [µm] 


Power consumption < 500 Watt 
Space saving 


Great efficiency/price ratio
Less consumption 
Less maintenance costs 
Less milling costs