Pilot5 - Control your machine tool

At the time of high-speed machining of complex parts, the adjustment time of machine tools becomes critical. With Pilot5, a real machine tools control equipment, save hours of machining.

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A dedicated shop-floor solution

Pilot5, responsive and flexible gauging for machine tool adjustment and control, allows you to control the dispersal of the machining process. Produce fast and centered without dispersion becomes possible with

Speed and accurate

10 time faster than CMMs


Programming, tools changers Yerly holding system


Shop-floor friendly programming

For the operators

Calculation and digital tool offset updates


Technical specifications

Zoom sur la Pilot5 de la Micro5

Architecture3 axis

Controle Volume
X : 100mm
Y : 200mm
Z : 120mm
Measurement repeatability0.3 µm
Advance speed60 m/min
Sensing speed (configurable)8 to 30 mm/s
Acceleration per axis10 m/s2
MotorizationLinear motor drives
Operating temperature10°C to 45°C
Relative moisture range for operation20 to 80%
Power supply230 VAC. 16A
Pneumatic supply6 bar
Automation Type Scara - Palettization 1 palett or 1 part - extensible up to 4 palett or 12 parts


Options/accessories Tool changer 6 or 12 positions
Options/accessories Interface tooling Yerly


Max weight of parts 1 kg
Weight equipments 530 kg 
Stand alone (LxPxH)

3-drawer workbench and 2 screen stand
LxPxH1 (machine) xH2 (table)