Efficient machining

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Control with ESPI via Factory5

You provide us with 

3D CAD file and 2D drawings

In the normalised format STEP and PDF

Your machining operations

With tools list and their offsets or variables.

The dimensions required

The dimensions required for machining set up and process control

Your key performance indicators and reception conditions

Cycle time, frequency, changeover time, capability criteria...etc

We deliver to you

The inspection programm

In CAD environment we simulate the progamm, the tools and the fixing part to validate the faisability

The correction method

Creation of the control program in adequation with your machining process.

The implementation of the tests

From real parts we test the overall capability of thePilot5process and we deliver analysis report

Be more demanding with your machine tools

Applied to the machining of parts produced in small, medium and large series, the control of the machining process maximizes the profitability of the productions with

Graphique de la dispersion avec une métrologie traditionnel

Standard metrology

Graphique de la dispersion avec la métrologie de ESPI

Control of the corrections in real time with ESPI

More machining time

by dividing by four the time taken for each changeover

More correct parts

by reducing the quantity of scraps (the 2nd part produced is always good)

More accuracy

by unifying methodology for target centred machining

More flexibility

by reducing the size of the economic batches

More liquidity

by reducing the Need Working Capital thanks to stock reduction

More savings

Avec des temps opérateurs réduits, moins d'opérations de contrôle, moins de m 2  de surface

Ideal for the control of your Smartmachines

Pilot5    Micro5
Concept Smartfactory avec 4 Micro5 ensemble et un employé qui travaille dessus