Factory5 is the ideal platform gathering the strenghts of the industrial world experts. With strong, verified and trusted partners you gain access directly to your customers. The information are securely transfered via the portal and speed up the manufacturing processes. 

Smartfactory Partners

Partners that are willing to revolutionize tomorrow’s manufacturing industry and ready to join and develop new smartmachines able to couple with our existing smartmachines

Apps & Shop partners

Our certified partners offer you the best industrial products, processes, or connected solutions you need through our Shop or their customized pages. Their vision is to align with the concept of a smart factory, which requires a combination of complex and specific expertise.

Institutional partners

Our institutional partners are driven towards innovation and, in their own way, aim to contribute to the transformation towards Industry 4.0. This can take the form of investment in research and development or the sharing of knowledge.​

Our partnerships


Expertise, Academy & Shop

  • Sale of your apps, services, and product connected to "Industrie 4.0"

  • Direct contact with the customer through your online portal and centralised data 

  • Sale via dropshipping mode 

  • Marketing and communication from Factory5 

  • Personnalized page on 



  • Sales of your Smartmachine on the platform 

  • Access to the IoT platform for your

  • Access to the helpdesk 

  • Access to the soft and mechanical architecture of the Smartfactory

  • Shop Package included