Calliper S_Cal EVO BT µm 150mm

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    Sylvac S_Cal EVO 810.9516.10
    Vernier caliper with extra large digital micron display
    Measuring range 150mm
    Integrated Bluetooth® Smart wireless data transmission
    Cylindrical depth rod
    Protection class IP67
    Equipped S.I.S.

    Conditions générales

    Compatible with the Quality application


    • Data transmission without integrated Bluetooth® Smart

    • New extra-large micron display

    • Customizable button with selectable functions

    • Resistant to water and cutting oils, protection class IP67

    • Automatic wake-up by moving the slide (Absolute S.I.S. System)

    • Sleep mode after 20 min of inactivity (S.I.S. Absolute System)

    • Sleep mode position memory, Absolute S.I.S* system

    • Maximum travel speed of the slide: 2.5 m/s

    • Mechanics in hardened and ground stainless steel

    • High operating comfort thanks to its ergonomic pole  

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