Micro machining expertise
3'600.00 CHF 3'600.00 CHF 3600.0 CHF
- Engineering: optimised program according to your drawings
- Manufacturing: Approval piece and fitting solution

- 1 day of preparation in our workshop
- 2 days of machining on your site
- The machine is delivered to you at our expense

You provide:
- A space with an electrical connection (T13 230V 10A)
- Compressed air supply (6 bar, Ø8), Consumption max 100l/min, qualité of compressed air according to ISO 8573.1-2001 : 3 to 5, unlubricated air, female connection 10 mm
- A forklift to unload the palett of 700 kg from our truck.
- Your measuring tools to analyse the required performance of the machine.
140.00 CHF 140.00 CHF 140.0 CHF
According to your manufacturing files