Micro machining expertise

    3'600.00 CHF 3'600.00 CHF 3600.0 CHF

    3'600.00 CHF

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    - Engineering: optimised program according to your drawings
    - Manufacturing: Approval piece and fitting solution

    - 1 day of preparation in our workshop
    - 2 days of machining on your site
    - The machine is delivered to you at our expense

    You provide:
    - A space with an electrical connection (T13 230V 10A)
    - Compressed air supply (6 bar, Ø8), Consumption max 100l/min, qualité of compressed air according to ISO 8573.1-2001 : 3 to 5, unlubricated air, female connection 10 mm
    - A forklift to unload the palett of 700 kg from our truck.
    - Your measuring tools to analyse the required performance of the machine.


    Expertise via Factory5

    You provide

    3D CAD files and 2D drawings 

    In standardized STEP and pdf format

    Your tools and materials

    In order to allow a comparison under the same conditions

    Your targets

    In order to be able to help you even better don't forget to provide us with all the data of your production orders.

    We deliver

    The parts program

    We optimize the program for a HSM production on the Micro5 in order to exploit completely its potential. 

    The know-how

    You receive a comparative detail on the performance of the Micro5 for your production according to your plans.

    A laying solution

    We will advise you on the most suitable solution for your installation.

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