Draft palett Micro5

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    Base palett to process under desired geometry
    Unhardened steel

    Centering the X and Y system

    The system is composed of a spring blade under the chuck or pallet fixed by the 4 support feet. During locking, the 4 hard metal balls and the deformation of the blade ensure the positioning in zero reference of all axes with an accuracy of 2μm.

    Air supply

    The system uses the support screws as an air supply channel for the various functions of the cleaning chucks for clamping and unclamping of parts.

    3D (36x12mm)


    3D (54x12mm)


    Pneumatic ball lock

    The descent of the piston forces the balls against the cone of the screw ring and thus compresses and stiffens the chuck or vane on its base. This with a free passage in the center always free, to allow the mounting of a tie rod or a plunger.

    Cleaning of Z-references

    By air jet to guarantee precision in any case.

    3D (36x35mm)

    3D (54x35mm)


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