The micro-manufacturingknow-how 

Discover the potential of your applications via an expertise. In a few days and on your production plan, you will test, program and analyse your production. 

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The expertise via Factory5

You provide us with 

3D documents and 2D plans 

In the normalised format STEP and PDF. 

Your tools and materials

In order to compare the production in the same conditions

Your targets

In order to truly support your production we will exchange throughout the expertise process.

We deliver to you 

The parts program

We optimize the program for a HSM production on the Micro5 in order to exploit completely its potential. 

The know-how 

You will receive a detailed comparison of the performance of the Micro5 for your production regarding your plans.

A fitting solution 

We advise you on the most suitable fitting solution. 

Try milling with the Micro5 for your own manufacturing parts

Specialised machining program

Customization of the machining program for HSM manufacturing. 



Customised solution

Study and advice on the most suitable solution for your toolings and parts jig.

Evaluate your benefits

Milling detailed results (manufactured parts, time, precision, energie consumed,...)

The first step towards the Smartfactory

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Concept de Smartfactory avec 4 Micro5 ensemble et une personne qui travaille dessus